Best Work Environment for Digital Innovation


This award is presented to public and private entities that have created an exceptional work environment for digital innovation. This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the digital space.

Entry criteria

  • The applicant must be categorized as a public or private entity, or a Non-Government Organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The applicant should use technical solutions that are in line with the terms of the award.

Evaluation Criteria

  • A clear process within the entity creating an environment that encourages community engagement within digital innovation.
  • Exhibit a record of implementing innovative digital solutions that have had a positive impact on their stakeholders.
  • Organizations investment in technology infrastructure, its ability to attract and retain top digital talent.
  • Effectiveness measurement and growth potential.
  • Existence of approved strategic plans, goals or initiatives to adopt digital innovation.
  • Spreading awareness within the organization to encourage and motivate innovation.