Best Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


This award is presented to public and private entities that have successfully implemented innovative and effective Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to improve their operations, services, and outcomes. This award also recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence in leveraging AI technologies to solve complex problems, enhance decision-making processes, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction through implementing AI in various sectors in the Kingdom.

Entry criteria

  • The applicant must be categorized as a public or private entity, or a Non-Government Organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • The applicant should use technical solutions that are in line with the terms of the award
  • The Service should be accessible during the time of evaluation, or evidence should be provided

Evaluation Criteria

  • The existence of an effective strategy to utilize artificial intelligence.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence in terms of reducing cost and increasing work efficiency, through monitoring statistics, market share, and other success factors.
  • Providing a mechanism to measure the impact of using artificial intelligence on the community.
  • Encouraging the design and implementation of innovative and creative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • The availability of a mechanism ensuring continuous development for the use of artificial intelligence.