Best Project for Digital Transformation


This award is presented to public & private entities who have implemented innovative projects to drive digital transformation within their field. This award acknowledges the efforts and achievements of entities that have effectively leveraged technology to revolutionize their business processes, enhance customer experiences, and create a positive impact on society.

Entry criteria

  • The applicant must be categorized as a public or private entity, or a Non-Government Organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Detailed strategy of the project.
  • Demonstrating innovative utilization of digital emerging technologies and solutions to transform business processes, operations, or customer experiences.
  • The impact on the organizations overall performance (increased efficiency, cost savings, revenue growth, customer satisfaction) and the external impact on the community.
  • Effective integration of digital technologies with existing systems and processes to displaying seamless operations and data flow.
  • Showcase effective change management strategies and practices to ensure smooth adoption of digital transformation initiatives by stakeholders.
  • Display successful collaboration between different teams, departments, or external partners to achieve digital transformation goals.
  • Long-term sustainability consideration by addressing environmental impact, resource optimization, or ethical considerations related to digital transformation initiatives.
  • The projects alignment with the organizations overall digital transformation strategy and its ability to contribute towards achieving strategic objectives is also an important criterion for evaluation.